The One With the Global Pandemic

I started trying to write this post about a month ago and am just now getting around to finish it. The good news is that not much has changed since then.

While the outside world is experiencing total chaos, my life seems to be in complete standstill. Everything around me is changing week to week, day to day, even hour to hour, yet I am in the same routine of waking up, logging onto my Zoom lectures, watching Family Feud at 7:30 pm, and going to sleep (sober, I might add). 

One of my favorite Instagram accounts (@lisaoliveratherapy) posted something a couple weeks ago that really resonated with me. She said:

“Two thoughts on stillness:

  1. Stillness is terrifying because it reveals to us what we’ve been too afraid to look at.
  2. Stillness is beautiful because it reveals to us what we’ve been too afraid to look at.” 

Within all of this stillness, I’m finding myself feeling what I believe so many others are as well–fear. I am afraid of what this means not only for my personal future, but also for the future of my loved ones, the United States, and the greater global community. Stillness has brought up a lot of uncomfortable emotions for me and has often led to unproductive thought spirals.

And yet, I have found a lot of beauty in this stillness. I have been given time with my family (and my dogs!), time to practice gentleness and self-care, time to really get to know myself and evaluate what matters to me, and so much more.

I’m working on allowing the good and the bad to exist, listening to each of them, and honoring both as valid. I’ll be honest though, it’s quite hard. 

But, many are struggling in very different ways than I am. On that note, here are some charities and organizations that are helping individuals through this crisis. 

Family Promise aims to help families experiencing homelessness by working with its 200+ affiliates across the nation to provide shelter, food, and vital supplies.

America’s Food Fund was founded with the goal of ensuring all people have reliable access to food, and supports organizations such as: World Central Kitchen, who is working to distribute individual fresh meals for children, families, seniors, and communities that need support, Feeding America, who is the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization, and Save The Children, who aims to create a lasting, safe, future for millions of children. 

Consider donating blood through the American Red Cross to ensure that there is a stable supply of blood, platelet, and/or plasma during this time of crisis. 

Project C.U.R.E. is working to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies to healthcare workers. 

These are just a few initiatives working to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, though there are many more as well. Before donating, I encourage you to verify the charity’s legitimacy through watchdog sites such as Charity Navigator or Charity Watch. Here is a helpful article about avoiding charity scams and ensuring your kindness is not being exploited. 

Well, that’s all I have for right now folks. 

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy.

Be well,


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