The End of an Era

The top three words of this week?

Como se dice. Meaning “how do you say…” in Spanish. Meaning we started the real study abroad thing and our blissful days wandering around Barcelona have come to an end. 

Don’t worry, spirits are still high and we’ve added a few more friends to the troupe (enter Tessa, Hannah, Dom, Jason, Devin, Annika, and Megan). Yesterday, we took the bus to Madrid where we’ll continue our studies before heading to Granada in a few days for the remainder of our program. 

The last of our time in Barcelona was incredible. I’m also a total history junkie, so our four hour tours of the Park Güell, La Pedrera, Picasso Museum, La Sagrada Familia, Gothic Quarter, El Born, and everything in between were so fascinating. Not going to lie, I almost shed some tears when I first walked into La Sagrada Familia. It’s that beautiful. 

As someone who has only traveled with my family, which usually consists of trying to follow my dad’s Propel backpack from 20 feet behind him, I now realize how different exploring with my friends is. For starters, hanger (being angry because I’m hungry) can’t get the best of me, even when we’re walking in circles trying to decide where to go because all of us are saying, “I don’t really care, I’m fine with this if everyone else is.”

But, we’ve finessed free cocktails and dessert by flirting with cute kitchen staff, stumbled upon a lot of hidden gems, learned how to take the metro (at least I did), made some very small world connections, and taken a lot of group naps. Jet lag is very real. 

Let’s hope I’m still saying that life is good after the midterm. I am supposed to be studying after all. 

Be well,


Gothic Quarter – Barcelona
Dom and I – Zaragoza

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